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10 Precautions to Take When Travelling Outside Europe

10 Safety Precautions to Take While Traveling Overseas | Travel + Leisure

The tourism sector was hugely impacted by the covid-19 pandemic. After travelling restrictions were lifted the industry saw a slight increase in tourism.

In 2021 tourism has started to pick up but it is not entirely safe to travel.

In this article, we shall go through all the precautions anybody needs to take when travelling outside in Europe.

  1.  Insure your travel 

The best financial protection you can have during your travelling outside of Europe is having your travel insured.

Basic travel insurance will cover;

  • Medical insurance 
  • Luggage and belongings 
  • The entire trip

Before signing up for any travel insurance service ensure that you read their reviews to be certain that they are trustworthy services.

Not so many travel agencies sell legit travel insurance and not so many travel insurance have policy covers worth buying.

  1. Know your destination

It is also a travel precaution to ensure that you have done thorough research on your travel destination. 

Not every travel destination is safe and you must ensure that where you’re travelling is safe and tourists friendly.

Plan your tour holiday with a travel agent to help you find the best destinations as they will guide you on destinations that are much safer for tourists.

  1. Protect your travel documents 

Travel documentations and be well protected by taking photocopies and scanning original copies and having them in your email or cloud services. 

Travel insurance may also protect travel documents but it is safer to have the documents secured at all times. 

Keep the travel documents in a separate bag and one that is secure. 

  1. Vaccinations

Many European countries have imposed strict vaccination from Covid-9 however when you’re travelling outside Europe you don’t know the Corona regulations. 

To be on the safe side, ensure that you get vaccinated regardless of the country you’re travelling to.

Comply with other regulations on the type of vaccines to take. 

According to the NHS UK, the type of vaccination to take before traveling includes; cholera vaccination hepatitis A and hepatitis B, measles mumps and rubella vaccination, polio, rabies, tetanus, typhoid, yellow fever etc. 

The vaccination needed will depend on the area you’re travelling to. 

  1. Travel lightly

Reduce your travel luggage by traveling lightly. Carry only the essentials and the sort of things you need only during your travels. 

It is very common to find people travelling with a lot of things that they end up not even unpacking.

Travelling lightly helps keep track of luggage and prevent instances of misplacement or loss of belongings.

  1. Hotel safety 

Book hotels that are safe and secure. 

However much you may want to save hotel money by taking cheap hotel rooms do not compromise on certain security aspects. For instance hygiene and location safety. 

Part of hotel safety also include locks and windows security, fire and emergency exits,

If you’re traveling with children, book a hotel with children safety measures that may include; safety equipment, lifeguards, safe play areas etc.

  1. Prepare your means of transportation

The European Union and other regional agreements have allowed citizens to who’s their local driving licence in other countries. 

However when you’re travelling outside Europe the option to rent a car may be limited that is why you need to prepare your means of transportation.

Whether it is a taxi or an Uber, make sure that it is safe. Be strict with your travelling time such that you should not be outside your hotel premises late in the night without means of transportation. 

  1. Cyber security 

Cyber security is one of the most common security measures many international travellers disregard.

It is imperative that whenever you are travelling your devices and network connectivity is secure.

To do this, you must;

  • Not sign into public networks
  • Not use public computers
  • Not share your location on social media
  • Disable auto-connect features
  • Have antivirus
  • Have a backup
  1. Emergency contacts

Apart from selecting a secure hotel, it is a security measure to have your emergency contacts close to you.

Emergency contacts are the people that will be contacted when anything happens to your. You can keep your emergency contact with your travel travel agent or hotel.

It is also possible to travel to a destination where you know some few local but it is not entirely necessary. 

  1. Know local laws 

Finally, it is surprising to know that not so many travellers are keen on learning domestic laws and regulations before they travel.

Traffic laws is a common law to ensure you’re aware of. Whether or not there are curfew hours in your vacation destination. 

Did you know you will be fined when driving a dirty car in Russia?