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4 Surprising Things To Know About Corsica

4 Surprising Things To Know About Corsica

Getting out to the nature is the perfect way to refresh your mind. After a tight schedule at your workplace, taking a vacation is a good way to rejuvenate your body. However, choosing a travel destination is not easy. The task can be challenging if you’re not a regular travel. If you fit in that category, you’re on the right page. 

When planning your travel this year or any other time, Corsica should be on your list. This French island is a great place that offers you a chance to experience nature at its best. Here are some surprising things you need to know about Corsica:

The region is a French territory

When you look on your map, you can think that Corsica is part of Italy. You are not alone. Many people have the same thoughts. Surprisingly, it is a French territory. The territory belonged to Genoa until 1786 when they sold it to France.  

Since then, this island use French as the first language. However, Corsu is the common spoken lingua and taught in schools. The language differ across the region. So, if you think Corsica is Italian, you are wrong. 

It is the birthplace of Coca-Cola

Do you love Coca-Cola beverages? No doubt this brand is popular across the globe. Many people think that the invention of Coca-Cola happened in the US. The truth is Corsica is the birthplace of Coca-Cola. 

Angelo Mariani, a Corsican chemist came up with the formulation which he was using to make tonic drink using cola leaves and wine. The success of the French Cola wine inspired Mariani to introduce it to the American continent. Later, it evolved to a non-alcoholic drink as you know it today under the brand Coca-Cola. So, Corsica is the motherland of this popular beverage brand and worth visiting. 

Home for rare animal and plants

If you are a biologist, you should opt for a Corsica yacht charter and head to the Parc Naturel Regional de Corse. This place is a conservative park that hosts some of the rarest animal and plant species. Your trip to this park will offer you a one on one encounter with some of the species you have never seen or heard of in your lifetime. This way, your tour will be educative and inspirational.

An array of coast beaches

Is basking your source of satisfaction on any vacation? If this is your desire, Corsica has a full plate for you. The island has over 200 beaches where you can spend your time. You will have a choice on where to spend the leisure time. As an island in Mediterranean Sea, it has a strategic weather conditions that will make you moment here enjoyable and rejuvenating. 

Wrapping Up 

As a traveler, Corsica is a superb place to spend your vacation. The region is a place of great and popular global brands like Coca-Cola. There are many surprising things you will discover when touring this French island. As such, it is recommendable to include it on your next travel itinerary and list.