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5 Sustainable Travel Tips For The Eco-Conscious Traveler

Eight steps to become an eco-conscious traveler - Tips - The Jakarta Post

Who doesn’t want to enjoy sustainable travel? Sustainable travel implies eradicating the negative effects of traveling so that eco-conscious travelers can keep on enjoying their tours without facing the negative impacts of tourism. Sustainable tourism leads to improved environmental, social, and cultural aspects of travel. ESG will help us to make sustainable travel.  

What is ESG?

ESG is short for Environmental, Social, and Governance. Multiple issues can be resolved if these three factors of ESG are completely utilized. Sustainable travel protects the environment, local people, local businesses, culture, and wildlife. Let’s understand how these factors will help in generating sustainable travel. ESG score measures how the travel companies perform and work for the sustainability of travel. 

ESG Aspects on Sustainable Travel


The environmental aspect explains how to preserve our nature. It highlights important features such as climate change, carbon emission reduction, water pollution, water scarcity, air pollution, and deforestation. 


The social aspect of ESG considers humans and their relationships. It includes customer success data hygiene and security, gender and diversity inclusion, community relations, mental health. ESG related communication with the stakeholders i.e. customers, shareholders and investors, governments, business partners, and communities. 


The ‘G’ of ESG includes Decision-making, policymaking, Executive compensation guidelines, Political contributions and lobbying, Venture partner compensation, Hiring and onboarding best practices. 

Now, you have got an idea about sustainable travel. Let’s follow some tips given below to enjoy sustainable travel.

1. Prefer to travel to local Places 

Always prefer to travel to those places which are nearby your home. It doesn’t imply that you shouldn’t travel outside your country. To achieve sustainability in travel, try to make up your mind to explore amazing triumphs hidden in your own country. See, if you step onto a flight, you might be prone to some risks. 

2. Sustainable Products are Your Best Companion

If sustainable and eco-friendly travel is your goal, then keep up sustainable products with you during your journey such as reusable shopping bags, eco-Friendly Umbrella, reusable coffee cups, etc. 

3. Find eco-friendly Accommodation

Eco-friendly accommodation plays a vital role in the sustainability of travel. For this, you have to search for environmentally safe adaptation before starting your journey. You can explore them via Google. 

4. Shop Local Items and Enjoy Local Food

Sustainability is not only about having feasibility but it also demands to support the local community, local food, local gift items. Our suggestion is to enjoy the locality of the place you’re visiting. Instead of buying branded gifts, shop the traditional and artisan items for your loved ones to support the locality. 

5. Leave no trace 

As an eco-conscious traveler, it is your responsibility to leave the place in such a way that there must not be any trace of your visit. This implies abandoning no litter, making no harm to the regular world or the nearby climate, and regarding the spot you are visiting. 

Now, you have learned amazing tips for eco-friendly and sustainable travel. These tips include an ESG set of standards. If you follow these tips, you will get environmentally friendly, socially comfortable, and memorable travel.