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7 Reasons Scandinavian Cruise Experience Is A Must

Scandinavia’s beauty lies in its ultra-hip cities filled with slick design and world-class restaurants. And it also extends to some of the most epic natural landscapes on the planet. Its appeal is simple, and its beauty is unforgettable. Scandinavia is one of the best tourist destinations in the world to take a cruise holiday.

It is a place filled with adventures, memories, and sunsets waiting to be captured. You can visit Norskeameldelser to see places in Scandinavia where you can enjoy your cruise holiday. Below are the reasons you should experience a Scandinavian cruise.

  • The best way to see Norway is from the water

A cruise to Scandinavia is a great way to see Scandinavia best seen from the water. When you cruise Scandinavia, you get to know the country’s most beautiful coastline from a completely different perspective. Many travel bloggers who have cruised and even lived in Scandinavia agree with this statement. You can see DFDS Seaways and enjoy a fantastic boat trip experience to get the best view of Norway while enjoying your cruise.

  • You will get to experience midnight sunset

The incredible phenomenon of the midnight sun only occurs in the northern and southern hemispheres of our planet. In other words, the tilt of the Earth results in extraordinarily long summer days or a lack of winter days due to the tilt. When the sun doesn’t set or rise, it’s called a solar eclipse. In the summer, cruising to Norway and seeing the midnight sun is an unforgettable experience.

  • Experience the northern lights

The Northern Lights round out our list of the top reasons to cruise to Scandinavia. Why? Because it’s one of nature’s most spectacular experiences, you should have. As soon as your eyes sight the sky filled with vibrant hues, you’ll be speechless. Norway is one of the world’s most popular places to see this natural light show during the winter months, and many people have been lucky enough to see it from their ship.

  • The fjords cruise is an excellent way of relaxing

Mediterranean cruises can be exhausting, especially when you’re spending 12 hour days in big-city ports with more sights than you could see in one day. As a result, Norway’s ports tend to be smaller and less crowded ( Exception: Oslo, where we could’ve stayed longer to explore more museums). With plenty of time for scenic cruising, drink in hand, and feet propped up, you won’t feel so worn out after seven straight days in ports.

  • You can experience new foods

Travelling is a lot of fun if you get to try the local cuisine. Though the high cost of dining in Scandinavia means you won’t eat out very often, you can still enjoy the region’s unique cuisine. You will see fish markets in many ports that sell more than just fish; you can try reindeer, elk, and whale, as well other locally caught fish. If you’re looking for an inexpensive snack, try waffles with jam made from Norwegian berries or the caramel-flavoured brown goat cheese.

  • Wildlife is amazing

As a wildlife cruise destination, Alaska is often lauded, but don’t forget about Norway. Even before setting foot on the shore in Scandinavia’s northern regions, you may be lucky enough to see whales below and eagles above flying. Svalbard is home to numerous arctic animals, including reindeer and polar bears.

  • The culture is amazing

Norway’s culture is one of the things that draw people to it. As a member of Scandinavia, you can count on a warm welcome wherever you land in the country. They are very proud of their country and eager to show it off to visitors, which is a good thing. For example, you can see the Scandinavia Art Nouveau when sailing to Alesund, a stunning location not far from Geirangerfjord.