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Best Day Trips Out of London

Use London as your central hub for exploring other interesting locations across the UK. If you are planning on visiting London on holiday, a short weekend getaway should be added to your itinerary. Then get an inexpensive deal on a day tour out of London.

1. Stonehenge Tours

One very interesting day trip is travelling from London to Stonehenge and focusing completely on the prehistoric. At Stonehenge, you can walk in the footsteps of your Neolithic ancestors. This British iconic site has a history that spans over 4,500 years. Delve into the mystery of this unique rock formation while learning about the numerous theories that surround it. So whether it is a burial ground or religious site, it is definitely an engineering masterpiece.

2. Windsor

Stroll around the quaint shops of Windsor, take a boat trip and open-top bus tour, and visit Windsor Castle, the official residence of the Queen.

Windsor Castle is steeped in history and situated atop a lush wooded hill that overlooks the Thames. It dates all the way back to the Norman era, and features a turreted Round Tower and sweeping landscaped garden. It is very easy to understand why it is the favourite weekend residence for the Queen.

If you are still up for more then a day trip in Hampshire is only a short drive from Windsor.

3. Bath

Enjoy your day-long expedition to Bath. Your day trip to this Roman city from London package will include the Roman Baths, Bath Abbey, the Jane Austen Centre, and the Botanical Gardens.

The only hot spring in Britain, a magnificent temple along with a bathing complex was built by the Romans, which is still flowing with naturally hot water. The spring features extensive treasures and ruins that are thousands of years old and are beautifully preserved still using the finest modern interpretation available.

4. Oxford

Travel from London to Oxford on a day trip to enjoy this historic university city. It is located just one hour from London. Once you are there take an open-top bus tour to see Christ Church College, the Sheldonian Theatre, the Ashmolean Museum, and the Bodleian Library.

5. Paris

Whether you would like to visit the Arc de Triomphe the Eiffel Tower, relax in a cafe or hit the shops, Paris is the perfect day-trip destination out of London. A panoramic tour of the most romantic sights in Paris can be enjoyed that includes return tickets on the Eurostar.

6. Afternoon Tea in the Lake District

Embark on an action-packed guided tour of the Lake District. It winds its way through villages and country roads. Then you are bussed over to Lake Windermere, to cruise along the largest lake in England, before visiting a charming village called Hawkshead. End your tour at Beatrix Potter’s family home at Lindeth Howe for a cream tea.

7. The Cotswolds

Enjoy old pubs, gorgeous gardens, beautiful limestone buildings, undulating green hills, and idyllic villages. Keep your camera out on this one-day Cotswolds tour, whose busy market towns are ideal for gentle walks.

8. Stratford-upon-Avon

Visit Stratford-upon-Avon on a day trip from London and find yourself deep inside of Shakespeare country, where the most famous author in the world was born and grew up. Go on an open-top bus tour to explore the town. While en route, stop off at Shakespeare’s home.

9. Leeds Castle Tour

Discover 1,000 years worth of history and 500 acres of parkland at Leeds Castle. The day trip out of London features a Thames riverboat ride going from Greenwich over to Embankment Pier and stops at the White Cliffs of Dover and Canterbury.

10. Canterbury

Take a day trip to Canterbury from London. Explore this iconic medieval city and make sure to experience Canterbury Cathedral as part of your tour.

Canterbury has been home to 104 Archbishops dating back to Augustine and is the centre of English Christianity. Visiting this magnificent city is an absolute must for all history buffs. Discover the site of the gruesome murder of Archbishop Thomas Becket that occurred in 1170 at Canterbury Cathedral. Learn about the fascinating history behind the medieval architecture masterpiece. Marvel at the stunning stained glass windows of the cathedral, many of which date back to the late 12th and early 13th century.