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How To Start Influencer Marketing For Your Business

The idea of using influencers as part of your business might sound like a hit in modern communities. However, to ensure the campaign successfully draw potential buyer and increase ROI, you got to master the step-by-step technique. In this case, there are some points that you need to deliberate before kick start the influencer marketing campaign

Building A Successful Marketing Campaign With Influencer 

  1. Determining Your Objectives 

Don’t get surprised by the fact that this campaign idea is not only about ROI. Consider that the goal can range from increasing brand recognition, product sales, social media followers, pr number of visitors to your company. By determining the goal, you will find the proper talent to work with you and has a clear insight of what to do for it. 

  1. Define The Personas 

The persona here refers to the target audience. Due to the vast reach of the internet and media, influencers can be everywhere and anyone. If you got clear persona ideas in your campaign, it will narrow down your choices. Some lists can range from age, gender, occupation, interest, income level, etc. With that in mind, your option of choosing the platform will also be more direct. 

As an example, if you are going for a professional audience with higher occupation status, influencer marketing in LinkedIn will work. However, if you want a more casual, young, teen, and fun target, Media socials are the most appropriate options. And remember that each talent tends to have different expertise and communities, such as YouTubers or Instagram stars

  1. Pick Engagement Than Number 

There are times that people are too fixated on follower numbers. In this campaign, the digit is not the only thing that is valued. Choosing people with a smaller audience but high engagement can be as effective as the famous one. The option is called a Nano-influencer that has less than 10K followers. 

Most of the time, this kind of talent has a more centered or focused interest. It means you get a very clear target. But, if you got more budget, you can also consider bigger talents. An industry expert with countered focus is on the Micro-influencer level (10-100K followers). Macro-influencer has a bigger audience, and the highest influencer marketing groups are celebrities.  

  1. Consider The Influencer Campaign Method 

At this point, you got some fundamental options to pick. However, choosing the proper influencer can be a challenge by itself. So, you can consider three methods of choosing them. The platform method means you will ask for help from a certain place to find the best candidate for your campaign. Mostly, you will need to describe of talent you want. 

The organic method means you are the one that takes care of all of the progress. You will look from the search engine, select, manage, and analyze each of them individually. It can take time, but it is mostly more personal and directed. But if you want an easier option, you can also use the outsourcing option using agencies. They will do all of the legwork.  

  1. Spare Your Time And Build Positive Relation 

As you already found the influencer marketing talent, you got to maintain positive relationships. In this case, putting your time to work together and build trust can bring up more credibility in your work. There are many ways to do it. You can start with collaboration, allow them to get creative, and maintain a contract. As you do that, keep your eyes on the result to see the progression. 

Yes, the idea of working with an influencer for a marketing campaign sound pretty promising and easy. However, you should make a proper plan from scratch to ensure the idea’s success. You should start with the goal, persona, pick the proper influencer, build relations, and track the result. It is pretty necessary for new or small businesses that want to start to kick their business.