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Planning a cheap vacation to Europe in 2021? Make sure to follow these tips.

Travel Cheap to Europe in 2021: Plan Your Europe Budget Trip

Travelling Europe is on the to-do list of almost every adventurer. The rich cultures and languages of more than 50 countries attract a large number of tourists to Europe every year. And the great news is that Europe has every facility to provide accommodation, transport and tourism to every type of traveller. It doesn’t matter if you are travelling solo or with a partner or with friends and family, you will find something just right for you. People have been waiting anxiously for a summer vacation and what can be better than making it into a budget vacation.

List your travel preferences

List down what destinations you want to visit, what you want to do at each destination, what kind of lodgings you want, what kind of transport medium you want to use and how much are you willing to spend. Now start using some cost-saving strategies and the best thing for that is to plan all of the above in advance.

Plan your destination wisely

The top destinations of Europe are Greece, Spain, Italy, Malta, Turkey and Cyprus. If you want to visit any of these tourist destinations in the high season then be prepared for an expensive trip. Or you can choose a less expensive destination with equal beauty and culture. These include the Albanian coast, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Czechia and Macedonia. 

Book in advance

Accommodation, transport and food can get quite expensive in Europe. Planning your trip at least a few months in advance can make your money go a long way. 


The cheapest airline rates can be found if you book six months in advance. Choose a cheap budget-friendly airline and not a mainstream expensive one. You are also more likely to get cheaper rates if you add more stops to your trip. You can also use the train to travel around Europe. In this way, you can enjoy rolling landscapes and multiple destinations on a Eurail pass. It is no secret that the cheapest way to travel Europe is by bus and companies like FlixBus and Busabout have made it even easier. Your next best option is to use the BlaBlaCar service. You can get to meet the locals and make new friends and get amazing tips from them. If you want to make your trip more exciting, mix and match all the above-mentioned options for a trip of a lifetime.


You can save a lot on accommodation on your trip if you enrol yourself in a volunteer program. Volunteer programs offer accommodations and meals as part of the offer. You can volunteer with children or join an environmental volunteer organisation. If you are looking for separate accommodation then try guest houses rather than hotels. Hostelworld is a great place to look for lodgings and make your decision. 

When to travel

The best time to book a vacation to Europe to save some cash is to go in winter or fall. You might not be able to do boating and outdoor activities but there is still a lot to do in the winter months. It is best to avoid summertime and winter holiday visits because of high prices and crowded streets and attractions. 


Look online to compare prices of everything. Different companies offer flexible schedules and tour planning. Be sure to convey what you want and be involved in the planning process if you decide to choose a company. Or you can simply compare different plans and come up with your own cheap one.