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Reasons to visit Sado Island, Japan

Reasons to visit Sado Island, Japan | Dan Flying Solo
  • Sado kinzan gold mines

The sado kinzan gold mine is a collection of historic artefacts dating back approximately 400 years. The sodayu tunnel contains life-sized robots that depict how life was in the mine, whereas the doyu tunnel allows you to examine various artefacts left behind during the industrialization process. It is one of the best places to visit on Sado Island and has a plethora of excellent reviews on Thrillophilia.

  • Ravishing Lake kamo

Get ready to be amazed by the dramatic mountain ranges and spectacular blues of Niigata’s largest lake. Lake Kamo is beautiful in any season, from the glorious cherry blossoms in the spring to the snow-tinged trees in the winter. This lake and its spectacular surroundings are a must-see while visiting Sado Island. 

  • Senkakuwan Bay

Backed with many good reviews, Senkakuwan Bay is a sight to behold, with rocky cliffs that resemble the steep rocks of Norway’s Hardangerfjord. Visitors can enjoy a boat cruise through the bay or take in the breathtaking views from the Ageshima yuen.

  • Folk museum

If you think museums are all the same, this sado akadomari folk museum will definitely change your mind. The museum houses a massive collection of articles and exhibits depicting the lives and struggles of ordinary people. There is also the Ogi Folk Museum, which houses a collection of approximately 30,000 artefacts documenting people’s lives during the Showa period. The major attractions of the place include ship construction and fishery.

  • Japanese onsen(hot spring bath)

An onsen experience, whether indoor or outdoor, is unquestionably necessary while visiting Japan. One of the best aspects of Sado Island for visitors is the availability of public bath houses. All that remains is for you to sit back, relax, and rejuvenate while soaking in the soothing bubbling spring water!

  • Jogahana Beach

What is an island vacation if you don’t spend time on a beach? Imagine a clean white beach meeting crystal clear azure blue waters, how beautiful and serene would that be?You can also spend the afternoon relaxing under a tree, admiring the scenery or frolicking in the gentle waves.

  • The view from Mt. Donden

Here in the highlands of Mt. Donden, the mountains are definitely alive! Taking deep breaths of fresh mountain air as you climb the top and enjoy the breathtaking views make the place worth visiting. There are so many beautiful alpine wildflowers and plants to admire on the way up that you won’t even realize when you’ve arrived at the summit.

  • Sado’s Onogame

Sado’s northernmost point is dominated by Onogame, a massive rock. Onogame also towers over the grassy field, which is dotted with yellow amur daylilies. Visit the area in May and early June to catch a spectacular sight of millions of flowers in full bloom.

  • Delicious seasonal fruits

Sado Island produces some of the world’s rarest and most delicious fruit varieties, including le lectier, a rare French pear variety and sweet, tender and seedless okesakagi. Due to their exclusivity, rare violette de sollies, figs are also referred to as black rare diamonds. The variety of fruits available here undoubtedly astound the visitors.

  • Deluxe Sado delicacies

Last but not least, you will be able to indulge in tasting some deluxe sado delicacies. Sado Island is a seafood lover’s dream, with everything from sweet and firm red snow crab to famous red pepper shrimp. Hold tightly into a variety of seafood prepared in various styles, over sushi or sashimi, or as an accompaniment to a rice bowl and seaweed soup for a memorable luxurious meal!