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The Benefits of Having Your Luggage Shipped

The airline travel experience has taken a noteworthy decline in the last 20 years. Crowded flights and chaotic airports make air travel an unpleasant, but necessary experience for travelers. In addition, the amount of airline fees has annoyed customers who feel like they are practically being charged to breathe on airplanes these days. The most insidious of these fees is the dreaded bag fee. What used to be free, the transport of travelers’ luggage, now costs at least $25 each way, and the number rises the more bags one carries when they travel. Airlines now take in billions of dollars each year in insidious bag fees, and there is very little way around them unless one is an airline credit card holder or has a certain frequent flier status. Also, travelers’ experience in getting their bags through security has become more onerous, degrading the air travel experience.

There are now companies that will ship customers’ luggage door-to-door, sparing them from the hassle of transporting their own luggage through the hectic mazes that are airports. There are quite a few benefits to using a luggage transfer service. For one flat fee, customers can have their baggage picked up from their home at a time of their choosing, and it arrives timely at their travel destination. This service does require some lead time in order for baggage to arrive at the destination at the same time as the traveler. Last-minute packers probably should not use this service, as the company must pick up the luggage from the traveler’s home several days before travel. Also, if travelers intend to pack an item that they need to use immediately prior to their travel date, this service may not be advisable to use.

Those who plan ahead, however, are the perfect candidates to benefit from this service. Early birds usually have their bags packed and ready to go several days before their travel begins, and their luggage is sitting around, waiting until the time where travelers must begin the unwieldy process of taking their bags to the car, from the car to airport, and then through security to be checked. In some instances, especially when traveling with family, or with multiple bags (remember, airlines charge higher baggage fees the more bags that are checked), it simply is too much to travel with luggage.

The other category of traveler who may benefit from this service is those that travel with large size bags, especially sporting equipment. The average golf bag may be treated by airlines as an oversized piece of luggage, which subjects it to even higher fees. Luggage transfer services do not charge as much progressively as airlines for oversized bags. Also, one may not need their golf clubs immediately prior to their trip, like they would need other pieces of clothing or personal effects. This service is also perfect for those en route to a ski vacation, who dread the experience of carrying their skis to the airport. These services are available both domestically and internationally.