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Unusual Places You Should Not Miss in Bhutan

Bhutan is a beautiful country lying next to Nepal and India in Asia. The region is slowly emerging as a preferred touring destination for many people across the world. The government is realizing the importance of tourism and how much wealth it can add to its coffers. Bhutan is a land of picturesque mountain ranges, big monasteries and scenery. Hence if you plan to visit Bhutan then listed below are the places that you should not miss.

We begin from Thimpu which is the capital of Bhutan. This city has plenty on offer for visitors like the palace of the late king, the pathway along the river and monasteries. The market is not to be missed as it is brimming with activity in the evening. You can buy local souvenirs here. Then there is a place called Gankar Punsum. Actually this is the highest mountain in the country that no one has climbed till now. This is because the people of Bhutan consider mountains as sacred and any mountain that is more than 6000 m is not allowed to be climbed. However you can have excellent views of the mountain and the valleys from some vantage points.

One of the most popular monasteries in Bhutan that cannot be missed is the Tiger’s Nest Monastery. You can also have a look at the numerous temple fortresses on the way. Tiger’s Monastery is also known as Taksang and it lies on a steep cliff. You have to walk for about 2 hours to reach it. You can go to this monastery from Paro. This monastery is famous for its Bhutanese monk Padmasambhava who was instrumental in bringing Buddhism to Bhutan.

Next site on the list is Lunana which is one of the seldom unexplored regions of northern Bhutan. You can reach his region only through a few 5000 m passes during the winter months. People often go to this region to admire the beauty and also trek along the trails. This part of bhutan pelyab tours is so remote that even the king of Bhutan has not visited this place. Last but not the least are the Bhutan festivals that are called Tsechu. There are many tourists who tour Bhutan during the festival season so that they can enjoy the festivities.

The most important festival in Bhutan is the Paro Tsechu which is held in the month of July. It is held every year and it is a true feast of enjoyment as the Buddhist monks wear dresses of saints and come out of their monasteries to socialize and interact with people. The women do perform ritual dances. All local music is played in the background. People drink lots of barley wine and butter tea during this festival. A giant Buddhist image is unfurled during the festival and the rituals have been the same for thousands of years. Many people regard their visit to the Paro Tsechu as the central highlight of the tour.