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US vacation agency air ticket revenue still in the crimson

  • Airways Reporting Corporation studies on US journey agency air ticket revenue
  • US vacation agency air ticket income are down sharply
  • Outcomes do not include revenue of tickets ordered directly from airways

Airways Reporting Company (ARC) these days claimed the following consolidated airline ticketing volume variances, in contrast to the same period in 2019. These totals depict sales produced by U.S. vacation agencies* and processed as a result of the ARC settlement process. Info figures are for the 7 times ending February 14, 2021.

Tickets Issued for All Itineraries:

  7-Day Interval Ending Ticket Variance
 vs. Similar 7 days 2019
 Sales Variance
vs. Very same 7 days 2019
January 24 -70.5% -83.7%
January 31 -68.% -81.8%
February 7 -66.9% -81.5%
February 14 -66.6% -81.%
52-Week Regular** -73.1% -82.9%

Variances in Tickets Sold by Section for All Itineraries:

7-Working day Time period Ending Company On the internet Leisure/Other
January 24 -87.5% -56.% -73.4%
January 31 -85.8% -53.5% -70.6%
February 7 -86.1% -50.3% -70.1%
February 14 -85.7% -51.% -69.3%
52-7 days Common** -83.9% -63.%  -74.7%


  • Benefits are based on weekly gross sales facts ending February 14, 2021, from 11,363 U.S. retail and corporate journey company areas, and on the web travel organizations. Benefits do not consist of gross sales of tickets acquired right from airlines and are not internet of refunds or exchanges.
  • Full income are equal to the complete quantity compensated for a ticket, which incorporates taxes and fees.

**Added Notes

  • The 52-7 days rolling common is the regular ticketing quantity and other variances over the final 52 months, ending with the most latest 7 days, as opposed to the 2019 baseline quantities.