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The bridge between Asia and Europe: Turkey

The bridge between Asia and Europe: Turkey

It is a beautiful place for a tour. There are so many cultures are there also it is a historic place. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations. Many foreigners came here to spend their vacation year after year. Because tourism is rising day by day then the government takes action that the country is safe for visitors. 

The best time or month for a tour in the spring season is April- May as well as in the autumn season is September- November. We called turkey is a Golden tour because it is far less expensive than nearby European countries but it offers many comforts as well as luxury. 5-10 days is enough time to travel here. 

There are four types of sea, a destination like Istanbul as well as Cappadocia. It is also famous for its carpets, Hammam or bazaar. Here Famous sweets are Turkish delight or baklava. People who go there can eat it’s sweet also. So we are going to discuss this golden triangle tour in turkey which is very exciting.  

Famous place in turkey-

  • Istanbul- It is a metropolitan destination as well as it sits on the border between Europe and Asia. For those people who love to relax on the beach, there are so many options available. 
  • Dalman- Here so many luxury beaches, lakes as well as a small river. There is a water park also for family also there is a chance for white-water floating in the river. 
  • Antalya- it is the fifth-largest city also a gemstone of the Turkish seashore. There are the largest seashore resorts from the components, discover a dreamy comfort which we want from a summer beach holiday. 
  • Goreme- It looks like a spectacular landscape; it is the best place to visit. People who like balloon rides which are popular here. 
  • Marmaris- It is one of the river celebrity resorts. Here we found a dolphin therapy center as well as lively water sports in the society. 

When it comes to the tour we can always go for the Golden Triangle tour. It provides a tour package and there is also a cancellation policy available if someone decided to cancel the tour. The cancellation charges are depending upon the date of cancellation as well as departure. 

Turkey has an exciting history-

  1. There is only one of the world’s larger as well as old mall
  2. It is filled with so many historical places
  3. Santa Claus was from turkey.
  4. Tulips provide by turkey in the world. 
  5. Europe’s most exciting art scene is found in Istanbul.